Monday, September 14, 2009

And we keep growing and growing...

Six days after our last blog post we learned that our family of four would become five! Original due date October 4th our third little boy is expected to join us any day now. This has not been an easy journey with horrific morning sickness, mystery pain and now early labor but we are excited none the less about our newest addition!

Stay tuned for updates!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Wow we are already a month into the new year. I am posting this kind of late but here is an update of the Wilson family. Kamden has resumed soccer. We have been on the same team now for about 3 years. Marcus is still coaching but he now shares equal duty with another coach as his work schedule is more restrictive this season. Myles has opted to not play this season. (We are really surpised.) We are allowing him to take it easy although I am making it my mission to find some activity for him to participate in!

Marcus has been working for over a month and is really enjoying his job. This is a nice change from Sage! We aren't super thrilled with his schedule but given all the uncertainty and unemployment rates he and I are both happy just to have jobs right now! I am a little lost without classes twice a week and papers to turn in. I am attempting to readjust to what I consider "normal" life. I am not super involved with the PTA this year but I am still posing as room mom, lol! Kamden likes it although I wouldn't mind a year off from everything.

I am looking to take my counseling license exam soon so if anyone knows of any job openings for a licensed counselor intern please let me know! I am very ready to use this degree of mine! Other than that the boys go to school, Marcus and I work and we are now attempting to reconnect with friends and family that we have not seen in a while.

That is january in a nutshell!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

This Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and all through our house, everything was stirring and in complete chaos. It was no ordinary Christmas Eve as I was forced to work since Myles had strep the week before and depleted my last vacation days. Since Marcus just started a new job there was no way he was taking off thus here is how the day progressed: I went into work early hoping that I could get out early. Marcus dropped the kids off at my mom's and I would later meet up with them at the mall. We had a plan, so far so good. It was on my way home just after 11:00 am that I realized neither Marcus nor I had taken out the turkey that I planned to cook for Christmas dinner. banging my head on the steering wheel I sped past the mall and ran home grabbing the biggest turkey out of the freeze (we had two). I filled the sink with water and laid that bad boy in there.

Next stop meet mama, pics with Santa and lunch. I arrived at the mall, parked a mile away next to my mom and hiked to the entrance while dialing her cell. Upon arriving I headed in the direction of the big man himself. Mom had gotten in line with the kids in an attempt to shorten our wait. When I saw them I gasped. Not because the line was crazy long but because the boys looked awful. Myles' hair was not fixed and standing up all over his head. His pants had no belt and kept sliding down over his kung fu panda underwear. I ducked under the rope and surprised them all. The boys were happy to see me and my mom reported that they were hungry. I decided Santa wasn't worth the wait and my kids weren't exactly photo material. My mom insisted that Myles' hair looked cute. I'm sorry, I don't care how trendy it is, bed head is not cute.

We ate, we shopped and then we split up. I was to meet up with Marcus later this afternoon to finish last minute shopping. Marcus is Mr. Christmas and in no way can be excluded from any gift shopping for our children. Kamden went with my mom to hang out with Kenneth and Myles went with me. We hit up Wal-mart for last minute Christmas dinner ingredients. I felt like I was on a mission running and dodging other quick handed shoppers trying desperately to snag much needed items that everyone else needed too.

We survived and on we went to unload and set off for the last round of Christmas Eve shopping. Upon arriving home I noticed that the sink full of water with the turkey was just a sink full of turkey. I was about ready to throw the thing outside but I pulled it together, filled the sink again and went about my day. Marcus pulled in just as I was finished putting things away and off we went. We managed to get everything we wanted at 4 different stores, three long lines and several people with several kids. (I wonder if they know what causes that, lol!) Our last stop was Petco to get some treats for our pug babies until I remembered that I forgot something at Walmart so we had to hit Tom Thumb next door.

After that we were finished and home we went. I had to wrap presents, bake cookies and get kids ready for bed. Marcus settled on the couch with the boys for our annual Twas the Night Before Christmas time and then we started the news to see the Santa tracker. It was funny to see Kamden panic as Santa cleared Oklahoma and headed to Dallas. The boys went to bed before 11:00pm! I was shocked and happy cause I so wanted to hit the hay myself. Before we got down to Santa business I decided to put the turkey on to brine. Typically I do this twelve hours before I plan to cook it but this time who cares. I filled this wonderful round ice chest that I had used at Thanksgiving with water and seasoning. I washed the turkey, lifted him out of the sink and was about to place him in the bath when he slipped out of my hands, and fell full force into the ice chest. I was the one bathed in brine mixture. Marcus fell out laughing and I wiped my face in disgust and pulled of wet clothes. My beautifully straight hair had waves run through it as water splashed that high!

I swore at that moment two things, the first, I would never work on Christmas Eve again no matter what and the second, I would never shop on Christmas Eve again, no matter what.

The day was over, I tasted good, presents were placed under the tree and off to bed I went. So glad to be finished with it all!